Introducing MyGWFTraining

To help you make the most of your AssessFIT  experience, we’ve created MyGWFTraining as your one-stop, full-service website that brings together comprehensive training resources. This site provides you with access to innovative and effective live and on-demand AssessFIT training resources.

We provide great training resources

  • Connect directly with a Training Specialist by scheduling a virtual session to have your specific questions answered.


  • Take advantage of our online tutorials to supplement your on-site or virtual training, or use them on their own for anytime, anywhere access to training.


  • With flexible delivery options to meet your needs and your schedule, MyGWFTraining provides you with timely, personalized, and convenient access to a wide range of training solutions.

MyGWFTraining offers comprehensive support and resources, including the following:

Live Virtual Training Sessions

Schedule a live virtual training session on the topic of your choice. You can self-schedule with the option to sign up as a single participant or as a group.
Click here to see training sessions.

Price: $500-$1500

On-Demand Tutorials

Our on-demand tutorials offer concise product training. You can start and stop at any point, and focus your training time on specific topics.


Printable Training Guides

Use printable training guides as a reference as you navigate the features of each product.


On-site Workshops

We can come to you! Our on-site workshops focus on key topics such as running reports, interpreting results, and many other current educational topics to strengthen your implementation.

Price: $2,500

Technology Support

You will have quick access to our technology support to address all your more advanced needs by clicking on the Contact Us tab.


Email Support

With our email support, you will be conveniently put in touch with a training specialist to quickly answer your implementation questions.


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