Parent Email to a Board Member

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to allow my son to utilize the Future Plans website. I was disappointed to learn that he had previously utilized the site (as part of HOPE (Health)) but did not take it seriously as its completion was simply “part of his grade”. After completing it this time around I asked if he felt it was more valuable and he said it was. I believe this is the case due to the parental involvement.

I asked my son to register, complete the activities, and let me know when he was done so that we could discuss the results. He brought me his laptop and we reviewed the various results. As I was finishing my review, I happened to notice in his profile that he could assign parent/guardian access. I then registered as a parent and downloaded the comprehensive report. This access is very helpful, especially with such an independent child.

The system was easy to navigate from registration to results. The outcomes seemed to align with my son’s personality and skillsets. The career suggestions were interesting because many of them didn’t align with what he and I had previously identified as a good match. This is good because it opens up a variety of options to at least discuss.

I believe this tool can be a very powerful tool, especially coupled with parent/guardian and/or school counselor support. I would recommend it for all high school students, especially those who haven’t identified a specific career path.

Thank you again,

The Student Response After the Retake

     In review of the Future Plans website, there were many factors that made the program work well. Firstly it started me off by taking multiple performance assessments. These assessments varied through categories such as my arithmetic reasoning, my 3d spatial ability, and my analytical reasoning. After completing each of these assessments, they would ask questions about the type of work environment I would like to be in and how I want the work to be, varying through working hands on or indirectly. Upon completing each of these assessments, I was also put through a personality test, which determined that I was an INFP. After completing everything, the website then gave me the results for all of the assessments that I took, and gave me evaluations upon how I did and gave brief statements on what each score means. Afterwards I was given a list of many jobs that would suit me through each of the evaluations they gave me, ranging from being a surgeon to a film editor while providing me information about what each job is, the average salary they make, and a list of some of the common activities that they do.

     Overall the site worked quickly and efficiently, providing me with tasks that determined my skills. It provided detailed descriptions of all the results so I could easily understand what each result meant. It gave a large list of many of the careers that suited my skill set and showed how each one would fit me. Future Plans was able give me more of an idea of what I would like to do in the future, and showed me that I have many career opportunities that I would not have thought of before. I would definitely recommend this for someone else to use.